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The recipients with summaries provided by UNC:

  • AnelleO is developing Anelleo PRO, which is the first 3D printed intravaginal ring to treat a women’s health condition. AnelleO was founded by Rahima Benhabbour, professor at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy and graduate student Rima Janusziewicz from the chemistry department.
  • Sandbar Oyster Company is commercializing a novel biodegradable composite material designed to restore oyster habitats, reverse the decline in oyster populations, protect the shoreline and revitalize the oyster industry as part of the coastal marketplace. Sandbar was founded by Niels Lindquist, professor at the UNC Institute of Marine Science, and commercial fisherman David “Clammerhead” Cessna.
  • SeqQuest has developed a software solution for single cell RNA sequencing analysis called RNAQuest. SeqQuest was formed by co-founders Joshua Starmer, associate research professor in the Department of Genetics, and Scott Magness, associate professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering with UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University.

“These awards will help them complete high-impact projects based on University intellectual property,” the univesrity notes. The funding comes through the UNC Office of Commercialization and Economic Development.

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