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Harnessing engineering, chemistry, and pharmacology tools to design and engineer innovative drug delivery platform technologies for disease treatment and prevention

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Our lab harnesses innovative tools to engineering novel tunable delivery platforms and polymer-based devices that can treat or prevent a disease. Our work combines the elegance of polymer chemistry with the versatility of engineering and formulation development to design and fabricate efficient and translatable delivery systems for a wide range of applications including cancer treatment, HIV/STIs prevention/treatment, osteoporosis and regenerative medicine, and women’s health.

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3D Printed Intravaginal Rings


Ultra-Long-Acting In-situ Forming Implants (ISFIs)

Combinatory Hydrogels

Combinatory Hydrogels

Polymeric Solic Implants

Polymeric Solid Implants (PSIs)


Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting

ISFi Formulations

Mucohadhesive Thin Films for Women’s Health