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Mucoadhesive Bio-dissolvable Thin Film for the Treatment of Vestibulodynia

Our lab is developing a novel thin film technology for the treatment of Vestibulodynia (VBD), which is the most common cause of sexual pain, affecting 10 to 28% of reproductive aged women in the United States. This is another platform technology that can be applied to a wide range of women’s health indications including sexual pain.

Biodisolvable Thin Film

Denali Dahl, Ashlyn N. Whitesell, Preetika Sharma-Huynh, Panita Maturavongsadit, Rima Janusziewicz, Ryan J. Fox, Henry T. Loznev, Brian M. Button, Allison N. Schorzman, Jisun Ban, Stephanie A. Montgomery, William Zamboni, Erin T. Carey, S. Rahima Benhabbour* A mucoadhesive biodissolvable thin film for localized and rapid delivery of lidocaine for the treatment of vestibulodynia, Int J Pharm. 2022;612:121288,