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3D Printed Intravaginal Ring (IVR) Platform Technology – Next Generation Multipurpose Prevention Technology (MPT) IVRs

The Benhabbour lab is pioneering the development of the next generation MPT IVR for the prevention of HIV, HSV, and unplanned pregnancy. The Benhabbour lab utilizes state-of-the-art 3D Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP™) printing which allows for intricate, diverse, and complex MPT IVR geometry and biophysical properties. In addition, this allows the use of a proprietary drug loading process disassociated from the fabrication process allows for the formulation of a wide range of drugs, biologics, and small molecules to be incorporated into MPT IVR technology. 

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Rima Janusziewicz, Sue J. Mecham, Kevin R. Olson, S. Rahima Benhabbour*. Design and Characterization of a Novel Series of Geometrically Complex Intravaginal Rings with Digital Light Synthesis, Advanced Materials Technologies, 2020, 2000261, 1-16, DOI: