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Biodegradable Polymeric Solid Implants for Ultra-Long-Acting Drug Delivery

Our lab has developed an ultra-long-acting (ULA) biodegradable polymeric solid implant (PSI) fabricated using a new engineering process combining in-situ phase inversion and compression. This robust process allows fabrication of biodegradable solid implants that can have different shapes and sizes, can accommodate high drug payloads (up to 85 wt%), can accommodate multiple drugs in a single compact implant, and can provide sustained drug release over several months. This versatile platform technology can be applied to a wide range of indications that can benefit from sustained drug release over a prolonged period of time.

Panita Maturavongsadit, Roopali Shrivastava, Craig Sykes, Mackenzie L. Cottrell, Stephanie A. Montgomery, Angela D.M. Kashuba, S. Rahima Benhabbour* Biodegradable polymeric solid implants for ultra-long-acting delivery of single or multiple antiretroviral drugs, Int J Pharm. 2021;605:120844,

Panita Maturavongsadit, Gayane Paravyan, Martina Kovarova, J. Victor Garcia, S. Rahima Benhabbour*. A New Engineering Process of Biodegradable Polymeric Solid Implants for Ultra-Long-Acting Drug Delivery, International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2021, X 3 (2021) 100068,