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Benhabbour’s invention could have a major impact in helping women with a multitude of health issues from trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy to the prevention of HIV and other STIs.

AnnelleO would also be impossible to create without 3D printing. All3DP spoke to Benhabbour to find out more about how exactly she’s creating the rings and the inspiration behind her work:

All3DP: What is AnelleO?

Rahima Benhabbour: AnelleO is a 3D printed intravaginal ring and a platform technology for women’s health indications. To give a bit of background on the name, AnelleO means ring in Italian and the way we market it is, An and a dot then the word “elle” which is her in French then the O becomes the 3D printed ring, so “a ring for her”(An.elle.O).

Currently, AnelleO is focusing on developing a once a month progesterone releasing ring for infertility and assisted reproductive technology or ART. This product would be called AnelleO PRO.

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